Finding The Perfect Veil

Your wedding dress is really the focal point of your ceremony. You hope to turn heads with your unforgettable gown. Make sure your bridal gown is memorable for all the right reasons! Buying a wedding dress is no easy task. You may go through a number of dresses before finding the perfect one. After you’ve found your dream gown, you begin to look for bridal accessories to complete your look. If you decide to wear a veil on your wedding day, you may be surprised to find that your veil options are as endless as your dress options. There are one-tier and two-tier veils, different colors, birdcages, short or cathedral length, or veils embellished with crystals and delicate embroidery. The bridal veil is a lovely accent to your wedding gown. It most clearly states, “Here comes the bride”!

To find the right veil, you need to look at a number of factors, including your gown, body shape and wedding location. When choosing a veil, height matters. Girls who are taller should look for a fingertip-length veil which will work perfectly for their frame. However, for shorter girls, an elbow-length veil is an excellent choice. Remember that your hairstyle and hair accessories will affect the length of your veil, so figure out accordingly.

Interestingly, what seems an exact colour match between the veil and the gown might turn out to be different after careful scrutiny. The colour of your veil should match the dress. Also, the embellishment of the veil should be similar to the wedding dress. Suppose your dress has appliqué work, add appliqué accents to your veil as well. A few days before the wedding, hang your veil in a wardrobe to make sure that it does not wrinkle. Also, keep your veil out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration. If you are still wondering about bridal veil shopping, visit Sharleez Bridal, a complete bridal solution from head-to-toe.


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